5 things that need to be prepared for gardening in the Apartment

Tuesday, May 2nd 2017. | Outdoor

5 things that need to be prepared for gardening in the Apartment

5 things that need to be prepared for gardening in the Apartment

Living in an apartment with limited land should not stop your gardening hobby. Gardening does not always require a large area like at home.

You can take advantage of the existing space to be planted or gardening area. There are some tricks you can do to create a garden on a narrow land, like in an apartment, for example. Let’s look at the following five tips for your inspiration.

1. Select Media Planting

Limited land makes you have to be creative in using the land as a planting medium. There are several growing media that you can choose from.

With pots: You can use a minimum flowerpot diameter of 17 cm as a good planting area of ​vegetables, beautiful leafy plants or a beautiful leafy. You can also make your own pot from used tin or bottle of drink.

With pipe: Use a long pipe with a minimum diameter of 7.5cm. Slim and compact pipe form makes it easy to put in the corner of the room.

2. Know the Sunlight Capacity

Before buying plants for gardening, you need to know first how big the amount of sunlight that goes into the apartment space. It is important to choose the type of plant that is suitable for the condition of the space so that the plant can last long.

3. Intelligent Choosing Plant Types

Choose plants that fit the conditions. If the apartment gets plenty of suns, you can choose the type of plants that are resistant to heat.

Conversely, if the apartment is rarely exposed to sunlight you can choose plants that survive in space such as betel ivory, aloe vera and so on.

Choose plants that do not grow big enough to not spend your apartment space. Some plants that have a pyramidal shape (conical) and columnar (vertical) can be an option for a narrow land in your apartment.

Finally, select plants that do not require special care, such as morning glory, Mandeville, curtain creeper is quite done with watering treatment. That way when you are busy, plants can still grow well.

4. Take advantage of Balcony Terrace

Take advantage of the balcony area for gardening. You can change the generally-sized balcony 1.5×2 meters into an attractive little garden. The balcony area is ideal for gardening because of exposure to sunlight so plants can photosynthesize.

You can also plant ornamental plants on the balcony railing. In addition to beautiful also ward off dust into the room.

5. Vertical Park

One way gardening in a narrow field is to creatively create a vertical garden. Not to be expensive, you can use some used goods, one of them using a shoe bag.

Way, wash the bag until clean before use. Then place the soil or growing media in the bag. Then plant with the plants you want. You can include various vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants.

In addition to shoe bags, you can use used bottles of soda or used jars and glasses that are arranged vertically with an iron or rope hook.

Limited land makes developers increasingly enterprising apartment building. The size of the room may not be as big as a residential house, but its location in the middle of town makes you no need to waste time on the road when leaving or coming home from work.

So few ways to get the garden in the apartment