How To Set Up The Narrow Living Room To Be broader

Wednesday, May 10th 2017. | Living

How To Set Up The Narrow Living Room To Be broader

How To Set Up The Narrow Living Room To Be broader

Limited space does not mean hindering your creativity in designing it. Moreover, the living room is a “window” for others to assess your home.

How does one feel comfortable in a cluttered living room, seeming cramped, and furnishings arranged in a perfunctory manner?

Redesigning the room according to the desired concept is the right step. However, you do not need to think that this step will cost a lot.

Through the relatively affordable cost, everyone can “juggle” the contents of his living room seemed more spacious and comfortable.

Here are tips and tricks:

Condition of paint

The first step can be taken is to pay attention to the condition of the paint. If the condition of the paint on the walls of the living room begin to look dull, you should repaint.

The inhabitants of the house can be creative with new colors to be able to give different nuance. Rooms that tend to small or petite is recommended using bright colors or pastels to give the impression of the area.


If you want to replace furniture, choose a simple design and size is adjusted to the size of space.

For example, for a chair, can be selected a modular form or seat with a low backrest. Chairs with this design can give a higher effect on the ceiling.


Meanwhile, to add aesthetic value to the living room, there are several things you can do, such as adding wall hangings, table decorations, or providing a focal point.

For wall decoration, you should choose the design is not too complicated.

As an idea, you can use small framed photographs of minimalist that are mounted in groups on one side of the room.

If there are items of memorabilia from places outside the city that have been visited, can be added the origin of the size is also not too large.

As for the table, in addition to flowers, can use a jar with a unique shape and color as a container of candy or snacks. Do not forget to use a tablecloth to make it look prettier.

Finally, for a focal point, you can add a unique piece of parent or grandmother’s relics.

For example, the living room has a minimalist concept, you can put a rocking chair or antique chair that would be the center of attention.