The house looks more spacious with the concept of open space

Friday, May 5th 2017. | Kitchen & Dining, Living, Modern

The house looks more spacious with the concept of open space

The house looks more spacious with the concept of open space

If you often see websites featuring interior and home decor, the majority of modern residents prefer a home with the open-concept interior.

What is meant by a house with the concept of open space (open space) is a home where the areas gather, such as dining room, family room, and kitchen space, into one without insulation.

If there is a separator, usually using furniture to create the impression of a bulkhead or imaginary divider, such as limiting the kitchen and living room using a sofa or counter top kitchen, or use an open display cabinet.

The concept of this open space has a number of advantages, including the following:

The room is roomier

Compared with the space provided for the partition, the house with the open concept feels much more spacious and spacious.

You can use the living room as well as a dining room, or living room as well as a family room, especially if there are rarely guests visiting. This condition certainly makes you save the needs of home furniture.

Easy to keep an eye on the child

When you cook or tidy up the kitchen area, you can still keep an eye on your little one playing in the living room. Meanwhile, if you add the bulkhead, of course, you have to pace from the kitchen into the living room, considering you usually do not allow your child to play in the kitchen.

The house was brighter

The open concept house also allows you to not need to add too many windows. A large window near the entrance already helps the sunlight enter and illuminate all parts of your house.

A bright house will prevent fungus from dampness. In addition, a house full of bulkheads and dark risk of bringing mosquitoes and pests such as cockroaches or ants nest in your home.

Familiarize the family to eat at home

When cooking, delicious food that you cook will spread throughout the room. This aroma is definitely more delicious than if you inhale the damp aroma due to poor air circulation if your house is too much bulkhead.

Smelling the smell of good food will certainly invite the taste of the inhabitants of the house to eat at home, not always rely on fast food restaurants, even you can invite families to cook together.

Make the family more intimate

If the house uses an open concept, should no longer put the tv in the bedroom. The home entertainment area is only in the living room, so all join in one room during leisure time.

This makes the whole family closer, you can chat with your partner easily while he is in the kitchen while you are in the lounge.

The concept of open space is a solution for small occupancy. With no partition, you’ll save space.