the small powder room more cleanly with this tips

Thursday, May 11th 2017. | Bathroom

the small powder room more cleanly with this tips

the small powder room more cleanly with this tips

Dressers placed in the bedroom or bathroom usually functioned as a place for women to take care of themselves such as using a moisturizer, dry the hair and also make up the face.

But unfortunately, the furniture is often forgotten to be arranged. Even more often used to put items with just any. You also tend to use the drawer as a temporary ‘hiding place’ so that the goods are not scattered on the table.

So that your dressing table is no longer messy, consider the following guidelines.

Remove items that are not used
The first step to do is to get rid of items that are not used every day. If some things are still good, you can give them to friends or family. If all this time you feel heavy to remove it because the item has its own memories or purchased with a high price.

But you will more easily organize it if you just keep the items that are often used.

Separate items by group
Group items in accordance with their function, for example, which has been littered on the dressing table such as hair care products, combs, hair dryers, nail care, cosmetics, and women’s articles such as sanitary napkins.

Use an open drawer or plastic box separator to make this process easier.

Every object must have its place
That is, there should be no objects that stand alone or have no place. Exceptions apply only to perfumes or soap beds. Limit the number of objects you have in order to keep them in place that has been organized by group. If necessary, provide additional containers.

Use a cosmetic bag to store small objects
There are some items that may be too small to fit in a container in a drawer such as a hairpin, pinch needle, safety pin, or false eyelashes that might make it difficult to find them.

Use a small cosmetic bag to store these items, but keep this bag in the drawer to keep the dressing surface neat.

Take advantage of room walls
Keeping things on the wall is a trend now. To keep the surfaces clean, keep storage places like glass or small pots on the wall to place items such as brushes, eyebrow pencils, lipsticks, and other items.

Place next to the glass so you can pick it up easily when applying makeup. If you find it difficult to make your own, you can buy the containers that can be hung in the furniture store.

Having a neat house is often associated with feelings of happiness. By organizing a dressing table you will feel lighter as it is easier to find things. Please try these tips in your home, that way, then the powder room will be more effective.