Window Garden, New Way of Decorating and Farming in the Small House

Saturday, June 3rd 2017. | Outdoor

Window Garden, New Way of Decorating and Farming in the Small House

Window Garden, New Way of Decorating and Farming in the Small House

If you love to farm, but do not have a large enough page, you can use the window area as an option. Change the window that was plain into a small garden.

With this decoration, in addition, to beautify the window, you can harvest a variety of vegetables.

Window garden is a plant that is placed in the box outside the window. You can plant different types of plants, such as flowers to spice plants, or vegetables.

Some steps in preparing the garden window are as follows:

Prepare a box to put the planting medium

The window sill will be the location of the placement box. Usually, plant boxes use wire boxes and wooden boxes. After that, you should add a small pot smaller in size than the box as a container plant.

Note the box size

You must ensure the strength of the box structure used. Make sure the crop box is strong enough and attached perfectly to the wall so as not to fall easily or damaged.

Adjust the weight of the soil and the plants to be placed in the box. Then, adjust the design box with your home design.

Window Garden, New Way of Decorating and Farming in the Small House

Choose plants

Plants in the window will usually often exposed to sunlight, for that you should choose plants that are heat resistant. Different types of cactus will look beautiful if placed in the garden window.

Alternatively, you can choose plants that are not too high and not too small. For example, you can choose Ivy, petunia or philodendron.

Watch the side of the house

Herbal plants and vegetable plants are usually not suitable if exposed to too much sun. So pay attention to the best side at home to plant it. Choose areas where sunlight is not too hot but still get the light in the morning or evening.

Caring for window garden

Like other plants in the area, window garden also needs attention, in order to stay durable and flowering. Make sure the plants are not too piled up so that everything is exposed to the sun.

Then, prune the plant when it starts dangling because the very lush plants risk making the walls become dirty quickly and look slums.

In addition, make sure no moss, weeds, or other wild plants around the plant because it will make the main plant difficult to get the main food.

Choose a color
To beautify the window of the house, of course, you can give a touch of color. Use neutral colors like white and gray. However, you can also provide striking colors, such as red and yellow, so the window looks more beautiful as a home decor.

Limited land makes the size of the house smaller. Instead of buying a small house far from the city center, there’s nothing wrong you start considering the apartment. Excellence, the apartment is located in the middle of the city so you do not need to waste a lot of time while away or go home office.

In the way above, you can still be gardening even if you live in the apartment though